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Have you recently accepted your calling into ministry,  but you're not sure what to do next?

Are you are pastor with new ministers, but don't have the time to train them? 

We have a solution for YOU!

CMI Ministry Training & Development Institute

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Mission: To encourage, equip, and empower the people of God for ministry and/or church leadership.

This comprehensive training and development program is designed as a tool to equip those who have been called into ministry.

The objective is the development of a firm Biblical foundation, knowledge, and practical skills needed for ministry. It promotes personal growth, spiritual maturity, and obedience to spiritual leadership.

This course also provides a non-denominational guideline to empower a worldwide movement of informed, inspired, disciples of Christ, who are focused on servant leadership and cross cultural ministry.

Training includes the following: 

1.Introduction: What is ministry? Christianity? Baptism? Salvation?

2.Old Testament survey

3.New Testament survey

4.The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

5.The Life of Christ

6.Servant Leadership

7.The Book of Acts

8.Biblical Interpretation/Hebrew & Greek Translation

9.The letters of Paul

10.Women of the Bible

11.Men of the bible

12.The Worldview of the Church

13.Christian Counseling (& referral)

14.Historical & Theological Developments

15.Outreach Ministry

16.Preaching & Teaching for Impact

17.The 5 Fold Ministry

18.The Ministry of Helps

19.Deacons/Armor Bearers

20.The Gifts & The Fruit


22.Environment (Distractions/Hindrances)

23.In Purpose On Purpose (Seasons)

24.Leading Others

25.Service Protocols

26.Prayer Life & Studying

27.Adhering to Your Leader

28.Discipleship & New Members

29.Praise & Worship/Music Ministry

30.World Religions

31.The Power of the Holy Spirit & Deliverance Ministry

32.Remaining Relevant During Shifts

33.Hands on Practicum (prayer, devotion, leading services, preaching, teaching, children’s ministry, hospitals, hospitality, giving, homeless)

34.Living With Purpose & Power

35.Engaging a Global Culture

36.Models and Methods of Ministry

37.Weddings & Funerals

38.Where Do We Go From Here?

39.Coaching & Consulting

40.Mentored Internships (w/Your Pastor)

***You will need***

King James Bible

Hebrew Greek Study Bible

Concordance & Dictionary


Computer/laptop & a printer (research papers)

*Other books are listed per course


$75/month per student (Paid on the 1st of each month prior to attending class.)

You will receive a certificate of completion, ordination, and a ministerial license upon successful completion of our 1 year program.

1 night per week (2 hours class time) + homework, research papers, projects, group assignments, programming, missions, marketing, and presentations.

Attendance is mandatory. (Virtual & local training available.)

1 Dr. JB Williams Scholarship each month based on financial need, a written essay, and a 10 minute presentation on various subjects.


1.Completed application with $40 non-refundable application fee.

2.1 essay on your calling and how you know that you are called to ministry; church involvement; volunteer experience; personal goals; your strengths and weaknesses, and what you hope to gain from this course.

3.3 Letters of recommendation: from your pastor or church official, a friend or associate (of at least 1 year), and a family member.

4.A passing score of at least 70% on your entrance exam. (You may use your Bible, but not your phone).


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